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Business Aircraft Accident Analysis

Annual Turbine Aircraft Accident Review

"2015 Turbine Aircraft Accident Review" has become the industry's annual guide to aviation safety. Our guide contains over 300 pages of detailed narrative accounts of over 260 fixed and rotary wing turbine aircraft accidents and incidents reported worldwide in 2015.  Business jets and turbo props alone were involved in 191 accidents and incidents in 2015.  A summary of each accident is included identifying model, operator type, phase of operation, conditions and a factual description of all reported circumstances.

Statistical charts and tables, based on all business turbine aircraft accidents since aircraft introduction, compare specific aircraft and helicopter accident rates per 100,000 flight hours, accident causal factors, phase of flight where the accident occurred and aircraft performance from an accident point of view.  Areas are highlighted where the accidents and major incidents are occurring and where improvements are necessary, either through operating procedures, training, maintenance practices, system/airframe/component modification or by other means. Updated information on prior years accidents recently released by the NTSB and accident rate comparisons of corporate and business operations to that of air carrier and air taxi are included.  Tables have been added which list by operator, worldwide air taxi turbine aircraft fatal accidents during the past 6 years to aid in identifying high accident involvement air taxi operators. 

"2015 Turbine Aircraft Accident Review" is invaluable to the prospective owner/pilot/manager for identifying operational, maintenance and mechanical related problems with each aircraft.  The cost is $340 including Jets, Turboprops and Helicopters; $275 for Jets & Turboprops only. This year we are offering BizJet and Turboprop sectors separately for $235 each; the 2015 Turbine Helicopter Accident Review is $200 plus shipping.