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Accident Review

"2015 Turbine Helicopter Accident Review" contains over 65 pages detailing each of the accidents and incidents involving twin and single turbine helicopters.  A summary of each accident is included which identifies helicopter model, operator type, phase of operation, location, conditions and a factual description of all reported circumstances.

  • This year's review contains causal factors and statistical tables summarizing helicopter performance from an accident point of view following analysis of the 3,170 accidents that occurred since 1976. 
  • Areas where the accidents and incidents are occurring are identified, their causal factors and where improvements are necessary, either through modification or by other means. 
  • Up to date accident rates, accidents per 100,000 hours, compare the accident rates of the twins to that of the singles and identifies individual helicopter performance.

"2015 Turbine Helicopter Accident Review" is invaluable to the owner/operator for identifying operational, maintenance and mechanical related problems with their specific helicopters.  The publication price of the 2015 Turbine Helicopter Accident Review is $200.